Surface area up to 4 m² (12 mm slat) min. width 300 mm max. width 2000 mm
  min. height 300 mm max. height 2600 mm
Surface area up to 4 m²  (16 mm slat) min. width 320 or 340 mm   max. width 3000 mm
  min. height 300 mm max. height 3000 mm

Blinds in other sizes can be permanently attached, in which case they cannot be raised or lowered, but they can be tilted. 

Warm edge spacers are used. They are made from a mix of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic, which improves the insulation value of the glazing. You can choose between grey and black.

Simple installation

This motorised venetian blind forms an autonomous system. That means that no external power sources or electrical wires are needed. The motor is connected directly to the battery module and where applicable to the solar panel.

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